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    思而思學 2021-01-13 16:19:07


    dear h.r. manager:

    this is xxx,and i want to apply for a foreign trader position in your company.

    i will graduate from east china jiaotong university with a bachelor degree in mechanics and electronics engineering this july.

    in college we have sourses related to manufacturing ,mechanics&machinery ,electrics&electronics.besides major study, i am aslo interested in international trade.under the influence of my father who is a businessman i want to be a trader ,especial an international trader in mechantronic or electronic field,because in that way it would be a perfect combintion of my interests and profeesional knowledge.i have self-taught some economic courses during the college for the Pparation of my career,such as finance,international trade.

    international trade is a job always under Pssure and with little spare time,and i like this kind of job,bucause working under Pssure would bring the whole potential out of us and it's growth for us.international trade is aslo a challenge job,it involves many kinds of knowledge,not only you must know clearly the procedures of international trade ,but aslo the knowledge of the product you are trading.i don't fear of challenge,i only fear no challenge to challenge.

    i am a smart guy good at learning,especial those things i like,not only i learn from books, i aslo learn from the people around me,that's why i like to make friends with all kinds of people.i am aslo like reading and watching movies,i read newspaper and magazine regually.i like travelling too and i went to a new place very year during the college.with the characteriscs of honesty,optimisitc,positive,hard-work,promise-keeper,open-mind,i believe i am qualified for the position.

    the following is my text format resume in chinese and english, and the attachment is my recent picture and photos of my academic transcript and some english test certificates,please download and check them.

    please feel free to contact me if you can arrange an interview for me, i can go to for the interview anytime.

    best regards



    Dear Sir,

    If an ability to learn fast and to work efficiently is important to you, then I may be the right one for the position you offered .Please consider my application for the position.

    I am supposed to graduate from Bussniess School of HuBei Uniersity of Tcchnology in international economy and trade in July 20XX. The three -year education endowed me with a general knowledge and good command of professional knowledge,as well as basic computer knowledge. I have passed all the courses and achieved excellent grade. Outside classroom, I was very active and took part in different extracurricular activities. I have been doing many part-time jobs such as sales and others that you can see in my resume. All these experiences contributed much to the development and promotion of my organization and communication ability.

    I am a woman who has a strong and creative mind, plus flexibility of cooperation, public relations skills and so on. I would bring a delighted new interest and enthusiasm, and that, of course, would mean more efficient and better work for you. Have you an opening for a young woman who believes that she has something to offer? If you wish to see me, I will be very pleased to come in for an interview. I should esteem it a great favor if you could give me an opportunity to try to serve you in the position.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Yours sincerely



    Dear Sir or Madam

    I am writing this letter to recommend myself as a qualified candidate for the position advertised on the newspaper—part-time English reporter.

    I am a student from Xinhua Middle School, aged 17.I think Im qualified for the job .First of all, as a student, Ive read a lot and have much knowledge in many fields. Im enthusiastic about English and do well not only in speaking but also in writing. Besides, Im easy to get along with an enjoy working together with others. Last but not least, I once worked as a reporter for my school broadcasting station. So Im sure I can do the job well if I get the position.

    I would apPciate it if you could allow me an interview.Im looking forward to your reply.

    Chinese is one of the worlds major language. It is spoken by the largest number of people in the world, more than 1 billion, most of whom live in China. there are about 50,000 characters in written Chinese, about 20,000 of which are known to most people. There are 8 main varieties of Chinese, which are different from each other in pronunciation. Putonghua, closely similar

    Yours sincerely